We are proud to supply heavy duty, long lasting log stores

Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice

Henry Ford

Cheap work, isn’t good & good work, isn’t cheap!
High quality handcrafted log stores available now

All of our log stores are handcrafted right here in our workshop. Using tried and trusted techniques as with all of our products, our log stores are built to last. We only use the finest materials to ensure your firewood is kept dry from the elements whilst allowing air flow through the stacked logs to aid seasoning. Take a look at our core designs and ranges but as always we are are happy to discuss your bespoke requirements. We can design, manufacture and deliver log stores in any shape or size to compliment your existing structures and/or to fit comfortably in a space of your choosing.

What makes our log stores different?

Roof overhang

Most log stores on the market will only cover the depth of the store which can lead to your firewood being exposed to the elements and ultimately resulting in damp firewood. Not with our designs we increase the overhang of the roof to help keep your firewood drier.

Substantial timber sizes

We take the same approach to log stores as we do to our furniture, build it big, build it to last!! and we’re sure you’ll spot the difference between our log stores and our competitors. Logs weigh an extraordinary amount when stacked so make sure whatever store you choose, it’s up to the task.