Where it all began, take a look at our unique furniture ranges, all designed and handcrafted right here by our own skilled team

If you’re looking for long lasting statement outdoor furniture then you’ve found it

We are not a mass production facility nor do we want to be. Our ranges are designed to address common challenges faced by customers when choosing furniture to compliment their outdoor spaces. Please take a look at our designs and if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for then drop us a line as we are always happy to create bespoke pieces for clients.


Our original & most popular range to date, with it’s unique cross leg design it’s perfect for any outdoor setting.

Alton Industrial

An industrial twist on our Alton range with steel legs finished in a choice of your colour, or clear coated for that really industrial look.


A contemporary feel with its’ solid sleeper legs and ‘chunky’ look the Butterton range is a solid choice for any area.


A beautifully created poseur table perfect for drinks and nibbles paired with stools of your choice.


Cotton Benches can be paired with any of the table designs to add ultimate comfort with their perfectly sloped backs.


Our take on a traditional A Frame leg design with our usual oversized approach. Beautifully handcrafted with breadboard ends.

Denstone Industrial

An Industrial Twist on our Denstone Range with steel legs finished in a colour of your choice, or clear coated


A substantial picnic bench designed to last the tests of time & weather. Built to outlast the rest and we’d say definitely the best.


The perfect addition to our dining ranges, sit back and relax in our Kingsley range of sofa’s and accessories.


The Ramshorn range is a contemporary look with matt black steel box section legs carefully recessed into the substantial 4″ table and bench tops.

At Moorlands Garden Furniture we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we produce. We truly believe that products should last a lifetime, that’s why over 95% of the products we ship nationwide each week are made from timber sleepers. The quality of the craftsmanship combined with the quality of materials selected cannot be rivalled by mass production companies.

We are not a mass market, machine manufactured company, we have our workshop in the Staffordshire Moorlands where we produce high quality garden furniture, planters and structures of all kinds.

The fact that we go to the extra effort of having our timber pressure treated means that it is protected against the elements for up to 15 years. A lot of the garden furniture on the market nowadays is made to last for as little as three or four years, therefore, our products will last nearly four times as long, putting less of a strain on this beautiful planet’s natural resources.

We manufacture all of our products from wood which is obviously a natural product. As such cracks or splits may appear over time usually in line with changes in the weather. This is due to the wood moisture content dropping during warm, dry seasons and extensive exposure to intense sunlight. The product will then absorb moisture during colder and wetter seasons and you may notice the grain swells slightly thus reducing the cracks and splits. Please be assured that this is completely natural and will be of no detriment to the product. All products are sanded prior to dispatch to remove rough edges and splinters but please be aware there may still be a risk of splinters moving forward.

One thing often overlooked with garden furniture is the quality and the grain of the wood. Many large garden centers sell outdoor furniture at a cost that initially seems very attractive. But it comes with an additional unexpected hidden price, simply put; the better the quality the wood, the longer the furniture will survive the elements.

Coincidentally, it is evident that mass produced products do not survive as long as individually handcrafted furniture. By buying mass manufactured furniture, made from inferior quality wood, you are setting yourself up to buy the same furniture again and again over the same period of time that a single purchase of our furniture would last.

Apart from quality, we would like to point out the environmental impact this wood has compared to others on the market. Apart from the obvious aspect of the consumer buying the furniture less frequently and therefore having a lower carbon footprint; the wood comes from environmentally friendly FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) managed forests where more trees are planted than are cut down. The life longevity of our products also means that less trees are cut down when you buy our products, as you don’t need to replace it as frequently, whereas products with low quality treatments will need replacing more often.